Tseng had detected the alarm in his second’s voice. It wasn’t all that hard to do if one knew someone as well as Tseng knew Reno. So instead of pushing on with the mission, he simply sent Reno a text that said Stay where you are pending word. I need to see to a few things. Trust me. and began to use his own password, as well as those of a few others, to go  looking through the most recent Science Department files. 

He did not realize Reno had turned it off, but in case of it, he also rang the house phone, and when it did not pick up, left a message as such as well. What the wutain found made his gut clench with the kind of rage that he very rarely felt. specimen RK 3, of the Ancient bloodline, appears to be in their early to mid 20′s. Subject is male, but that can be dealt with easily enough for my purposes. The words were scrawled out in Hojo’s spider like hand, then scanned and saved as document files, but they were clear enough to tell Tseng exactly what the “escaped experiment” was. Especially combined with the photos that were taped to the document and scanned in. 

“The one you harmed made not have been one of my Turks in specific, but you have still touched a Turk, Professor. You are going to discover that is not a thing that one gets away with.” 

“Knowing Tseng, if he’s anything like mine back home? Mission minded or not, that kind of alarm, from one of us? He’s gonna go digging before he pushes this mission any further. He’s the reason Zack almost survived, ya know. Because he went against direct orders to try to get him back alive.” his lips narrowed. “He will try to figure out what had you so bugged. And when he figures it out? He’ll be over here. It ain’t likely to be pretty. Hojo or not, you don’t put your hands on a Turk when he’s in charge. Ya just don’t.” 

He took a deep breath. “My suggestion? Ya keep checkin’ your voice mail every couple of hours. Wait to hear from him. Tseng’s a Turk, he’d check this shit out. Probably personally. And if he does, do you really think he’s gonna hand one of his own over to Hojo? Even one from another timeline?” 

Reno gazed at the other silently for a moment before sighing. “Yeah, that’s true. I know about Zack…I understood what was going on.” He scratched his head and took a drink of beer. “Just a sticky situation, I guess. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what Tseng is thinking.”

The house phone went off. Reno looked at it with his mouth pressed into a tight line. He glanced at the other redhead, then sighed and went to pick up the phone. He just missed answering and sat in front of it, listening to the voicemail. He put a hand to his forehead. “Sorry, Tseng,” he murmured under his breath, then turned back to Reno. “Guess we’re staying put, for now.” His eyes slid to the food. “Might as well eat.”

The redhead walked over to the kitchen and dolled it out for his guest. He didn’t take any for himself, leaning against the counter and tapping his finger on his bottle. He stared downward vacantly, thinking. “There’s probably a way to get you back. But I guess first we should see if Tseng can get Hojo to turn you back to male.”

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